Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Release!

It's here! My first m/m release, courtesy of Evernight Publishing!

Aleyin Hartwick hasn’t had it easy. Not just because he’s gay. Or that his family is flamboyantly and openly Wiccan. He’s an empath. Aleyin can sense people’s emotions and even see the strong ones as colorful auras. Makes fitting in all but impossible, and all he wants to do is escape.

Finally breaking free from his new age family, Aleyin encounters a man at a local night club that pulses with a mixture of colors and emotions that leave him breathless, confused, and extremely aroused, effectively turning his quest for a normal life upside down.

Will the approaching spring equinox bring the new beginning Aleyin’s been searching for? Or question everything he’s ever believed instead?


As my gaze touched the far corner of the room, I caught a brief glimpse of color, a deep blue tinged with burgundy that I’d never seen before. The aura was larger than others I’d seen, and it pulsed in a steady rhythm that matched the loud music in the club. Confused but interested, I sat up straighter on the bar stool, and squinted my eyes to see better through the poorly lit interior. A slender woman moved aside and revealed a decidedly male outline under the indigo halo.

Breath stalled in my chest as my gaze roved over his silhouette. He was tall, even taller than my six feet. He leaned casually against the wall, the black t-shirt showing every carved line of muscle on his chest. His dark jeans appeared painted on. Not even a breath would fit between him and the fabric. Raven colored hair was pulled back from his face in a ponytail, which accentuated his sharp cheekbones and aquiline nose. His face was in shadow, so I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were. Longing for that information made me lean forward a little.

The indigo cloud around his head pulsated as his gaze roved over the people on the dance floor. He almost looked bored, but understated tension still oozed from his seemingly casual stance. I licked my suddenly dry lips and slowly eased back my mental block as I focused on the hot stranger. His color intrigued me, and I wanted to know what it was he was feeling.

I was unprepared for the hard slap of sensation that hit me. A need so intense it made my eyes sting filled every part of me with white fire. The fire moved within me, almost alive in the way it writhed inside, sending wave after wave of desire to every nerve ending I had. My cock jerked inside my jeans, suddenly engorged and pushing against the zipper painfully. My heart rate doubled, and the air in the bar thickened until it was difficult to breathe. I gasped and stifled a moan.

Across the room, the stranger’s head snapped up, and he straightened, all ease gone from his stature. He lifted his chin, nostrils flared in my direction. The dark blue hovering around him deepened to a more purple color, the shade of burgundy still tingeing the edges. Now out of shadow, I could see that his eyes were ebony, and his gaze locked with mine as he scented the air again.

Another wave of emotion washed over me, and I shuddered. I rubbed my throbbing cock through the denim of my pants, unable to control the feelings hitting me in their relentless assault on my senses. I closed my eyes and imagined it was his hand running over my sensitive flesh.

Available from Evernight Publishing!

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