Friday, May 17, 2013

Author Spotlight - Shyla Colt

Today I'd like to welcome fellow fab author and fangirl extraordinaire Shyla Colt to talk about her latest release, Mistaken Identity.

Write what you know. It’s a phrase you see floating around a lot. Dig into those familiar memories, places, people, and experiences that’ll breath life into your characters. Give your readers the feeling , hey this author knows their stuff. I know a little bit about a lot, most of it nerd related. Yes, I wave my geek flag high. Not only am I named after a first edition Superman comic. I’m a techie. I graduated with an AS in Science for Lighting and Sound Design. Yes, I fly my nerd flag high, and wave it proudly. So, when I gave my muse free reign, she took off like a kid who’s been cooped up in a car for too long, and Larped Mistaken Identity was born.

Larped gives you the chance to escape in the Tardis with The Doctor, ride in the Impala with the Winchesters, and be a leading lady in every movie you’ve ever obsessed over. It’s the ultimate fan girl fodder, because at one point haven’t we all find that niche we love to bits and pieces. I know I do over, and over again. *cough Simon from Misfits…. I’m just saying I wouldn’t have minded being Alisha at all… post slag years. If you’re wondering what shows I’m talking about, don’t fret, I’m listing them at the end of this blog with links. I love to spread the good t.v. around. *Winks*

In this story our lead character, Kansas, finds herself in a bar on her thirtieth birthday with a look-alike from her favorite show, Paranormal Investigation. A few drinks later, her inexplicable connection and attraction have worn her down. The Fortress , as her bestie calls her , breaks and she heads back to the hotel where the convention takes places. Funny thing about one night stands… they have the ability to look totally different in the light of a new day. Turns out her look alike is actually the real deal, and he wants much more than one night.

How would you react? Would the giant lie he just told stick in your craw , perhaps make you weary of trusting anything else he had to say? For a chance to win a copy of Larped, answer the question above. (and don't forget to leave your email address!)

Calling off the wedding to his high school sweetheart has sitcom star, Jett Walker, struggling with a deep depression. Exhausted from feigning happiness for convention goers, he escapes to a dive bar. An unexpected encounter leads him to his salvation in the form of Kansas Collins. A curvaceous beauty with lips that beg to be kissed and a body made for loving. Smitten, he allows the assumption that he’s a larper to stand.

Scarred by the tug-of-war her dysfunctional parents place her in, relationships are a four letter word to Kansas. Then a charming southern man, sweeps her off her feet, and delivers sex that transcends a simple exchange of pleasure. Her mind screams soul mate, but when his lies surface their fairytale goes south. Uncertain what’s real or ruse Kansas is torn.

Can Jett convince her it’s a once in a lifetime love?

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Dr. Who

Author Bio:

Shyla Colt lives in southern California with her marine husband and two tiny tots. When she's not teaching Abc's , running errands , or headed to the park she writes full time and works a job in the publishing industry. As you can tell, she thinks sleep is over rated. Her goal is to bring you erotic romance full of characters that feel real, plots that make you think, and happily ever after endings that show you the true power of love.

You can find Shyla at the following places:

Twitter: @shylacolt
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Shyla Colt said...

Thank you for having me over Chrissie!

Karen M said...

Sounds like a good book;can't wait to read it

Shyla Colt said...

And the winner is Karen! Congrats, and thenk you for stopping by! I just need your email so I can send you a copy of Mistaken Identity.